When it comes to tire buying, it’s crucial that you find the safest, best-performing brand and type for your car. The Pat McGrath Chevyland service department wants all drivers to know how to get the right tires for your vehicle. Unfortunately, many people overlook this significant aspect of a vehicle, which leads to many problems that could have been avoided. Below are some tips to remember when tire shopping.

10 Tire Tips to Know

New Tires

New Tires

1. Ask yourself first if you need new tires. When they’re exposed to oxygen the rubber weakens over time, so definitely replace them if they are ten years or older. If the tread is worn down with visible cracks or any discoloration, it’s a sign that you need new ones too.

2. Check to see if your tires are worn down in an even pattern across the tread width. If not, it could mean there are alignment or suspension issues with your vehicle. Go to a technician to assess the situation as soon as possible.

3. Read the information placard or owner’s manual to see size and type tire recommendations best suited for your vehicle.

4. Assess the tire sidewall marking code (it will look something like this: P314/55R 14 93H M+S). You can look this up in the NHTSA brochure or ask a technician to walk you through exactly what it means.

5. Inspect your spare tire. Make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced along with the others.

6. Remember: lower aspect ratio tires come with bigger wheels. Make sure the tire and wheel match before buying.

7. Buy a tire set that matches. This ensures better safety, handling, and suspension.

8. It’s a good idea to get the wheels aligned when your new tires are installed. The “kill two birds with one stone” cliché applies great here.

9. Normally tires need 500 miles of time to be broken in. A release agent is used on your tires in the manufacturing process, leaving the tread with less grip ability. It will wear off the more you drive, but just be weary of slick roads for a bit.

10. For better fuel efficiency keep your tires at the correct tire pressure. Also, rotate your tires on a regular basis to promote longer tire use and less wear.

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