Every single one of the 2014 Chevy Silverados at Pat McGrath Dodge Country has benefited from 12.5 million miles of durability testing.

Silverado TESTING2That means the Silverado is ready to tow, haul, carry, and pull with reliability and performance.

According to a press release from General Motors, the 2014 Chevy Silverado was tested all across the continent, including hot-weather testing in the deserts near Yuma, Arizona and sub-zero testing in Ontario.

Test also included detailed torture tests in General Motor’s outdoor proving grounds in Milford, Michigan. Other testing locations include Mexico and Indiana. All together, these tests logged a total of 12.5 million miles. That’s a lot of data, and that means the Silverado you drive is ready to perform any task you ask of it.

2014 Silverado Received 12.5 Million Miles of Testing

Activities performed by the 2014 Silverado include hill climbs, off-road simulations, and high-speed exercises.

One of the tests that GM highlighted in their press release is called Grit Intrusion.This test ensures the truck has enough protection to ensure the strength of bearings and key suspension points. The test also runs the truck along a dust road, helping determine that all seals are functioning properly and that dust will not contaminate moving parts.

Thanks to the 12.5 million miles of testing, Chevy was able to make some significant improvements:

  • The use of high-strength steel ensures that the frame will not crack, even when loaded to full capacity.
  • Four-wheel disc brakes with Duralife rotors have twice the service life. Brake-tuning revisions improve the pedal feel and create more confident braking.
  • Chevrolet included anti-chip coating on the lower side for extra protection from gravel and rocks.

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