blk Colorado

2014 Colorado with extended cab

The Chevy Colorado has been unveiled in Los Angeles, and it’s just as impressive than we thought.

As the only midsize truck offered by any of the American automakers, the Colorado will fill a void in the segment that currently consists exclusively of outdated foreign models.

While the redesigned Colorado has some popular features brought over from the new Silverado, much of the truck is completely unique, especially the sleek original styling.


2015 Chevy Colorado: Mid-Size Truck, Big Expectations

Initially, the Colorado will be available with two engine choices, with a diesel option expected to arrive the next year.

The smaller engine will be a 2.5L four-cylinder; while a 3.6L V6 will offer more horsepower and torque. Both of these engines will come with a six-speed automatic transmission.

A 2.8L Duramax Turbo-Diesel engine in expected to be available for the 2016 model year.

Performance and fuel-economy specs for all three engines will be coming soon.

Buyers will initially have two cab choices: extended and crew cab. The extended cab comes with a six foot box, while the crew cab will be available with either a 5 or 6 foot box.

Of course, to suite an active, go-anywhere lifestyle, the 2015 Colorado will have fully-capable four-wheel drive technology.

Chevy Colorado Takes Hints from Big Brother

Red Colorado

2015 Colorado with crew cab

About a year ago, Chevrolet debuted their all-new full-size truck, 2014 Silverado.

This redesigned pickup had a wide range of intelligent features, creating an award-winning vehicle for drivers in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.

Many of these practical and innovative features have been carried into the all-new Colorado:

  • Inlaid doors to reduce cabin noise
  • Corner step in rear bumper for easy access to bed
  • Four fixed tie downs for moving cargo

These features will help the Colorado gain the practical utility and ease-of-use found in the current Silverado. Chevy is saying that this truck will be perfect for active individuals who want a sporty, manageable truck. If you value durability, comfort, and design, then the Colorado may be perfect for you.

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