2014 Camaro Z28 - WHITEChevrolet is going pedal to the metal with an improved lineup of sports cars and high-performance vehicles.

Cars like the all-new Corvette Stingray and Chevrolet SS, the first rear-wheel drive V8 sedan from Chevy in 17 years, are creating a wealth of choices for drivers in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Further enhancing Chevy’s performance push is the 2014 Camaro Z/28, a nimble, powerful car that is completely built for lap times.

Top 5 Questions about the 2014 Camaro Z/28:

1. Why bring the Z/28 back?
The Z/28 model is one of the most recognized names in the automotive circle, and the timing couldn’t be better for the reemergence of the performance-oriented Camaro. With the current popularity of the Corvette Stingray, and positive press for the Chevy SS, the iron is hot for another performance vehicle.

Chevrolet-Camaro_Z28_2014_1600x1200_wallpaper_062. What engine will the Z/28 hold?
The Camaro Z/28 will utilize the hand-assembled LS7 engine, which happens to be the most powerful naturally aspirated small block V8 in the GM lineup. The engine is estimated at 500 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque.

3. What’s the 0-60 and quarter mile time in the Z/28?
General Motors emphasizes that the true measure of the Camaro Z/28 will be in lap times, not straight-line acceleration. In fact, GM is not recommending the Z/28 for drag racing. Instead, it says the Z/28 is designed for nimble handling and track performance. For the best 0-60 times, look towards the Camaro ZL1.

4. What’s unique about the Camaro Z/28?
Because the Z/28 is designed specifically for track performance, the vehicle incorporated features that enhance road course performance. Sports seats, 19-inch wheels, and summer-only are present, while feature that take away from performance, like air-conditioning, has been made optional.

5. Who are the Z/28’s Competitors?
If you look at track times, the Z/28 rivals the most prestigious performance cars in the world. However, as the Z/28 pushes the limit even further, there really are no direct competitors in the market.


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