General Motors “insiders” have confirmed that Chevrolet is working on an entry level Chevy Corvette Stingray, according to multiple automotive news sources. The budget Corvette would be priced below $50,000

However, GM spokesman Monte Doran has said that no such plan is in the works.

Budget Corvette: “Insiders” Say Yes, GM Says No

2014 Corvette at Debut2

Is a budget Corvette Stingray coming?

“We haven’t even announced pricing for the Stingray yet, so it’s a little premature to talk about what’s coming next,” said Doran. “At this moment, we don’t have any plans to offer something below where the Stingray is.”

If the reports are true, it would make the Corvette Stingray attainable to many people who wouldn’t necessarily consider the sports car.

If Chevy could get the MSRP into the $40,000 range, it would greatly widen the appeal of this American icon.

To cut costs, a budget Corvette would have reduced features, and according to sources, it would have a smaller, less powerful engine.

To be fair, “less powerful” than the Corvette’s 6.2L V8, which churns out 450 horses and 450 lb-ft of torque, still leaves a lot of potential.

According the Automotive News, the budget Stingray would hold a 5.3L V8, lack luxury features such as automatic climate control, and be offered only as a two-door coupe; no convertible.

The current Corvette starts over $50,000 and runs as high as $112,600.

The 2014 model is set to arrive in Cedar Rapids later this summer.

Again, because GM has officially denied the reports, it’s hard to say whether a below-50k Corvette will ever be seen on the streets of Cedar Rapids or Iowa City.

Right now, we can only hope and speculate.

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