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Cloth or leather or your next Chevy?


One of many dilemmas is being unveiled today. Well, we all have different preferences when it comes to choosing between leather and cloth seats. One is more expensive than the other, yet has some pro’s compared to its respectable alternative. Let’s take a look at the differences and see which one best fits your needs.


Leather Pro’s:

  • Luxury aspect and scent
  • Soft and supple feel
  • Excellent resale value
  • Boost interior feel of the car
  • Potentially easy maintenance


Cloth Pro’s

  • More affordable than its alternative
  • More comfortable (no sliding, no burning)


Ultimately, it all comes down to your lifestyle and where you live. If you live in a very hot and sunny states, you might want to avoid the leather. If you have kids and tend to have an active lifestyle, leather is actually good because of its easiness to be cleaned and ability to not retain odors.

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Truck Comparison: Chevy Silverado 1LZ vs Chevy Silverado 2LZ

If you want a powerful, comfortable truck, the Chevy Silverado is a great choice. You’ll get a pickup that can tow, carry, go off-road, and even handle daily commuting. So you know you need a Silverado, but which one should you choose?


Two of the most popular trim packages are the 1LZ and 2LZ models. Both offer functional and reliable driving at an affordable price, but there are some distinct differences that make each one of these vehicles unique in their own right.

Chevy Silverado 1LZ vs Chevy Silverado 2LZ

First of all, let’s discuss what the two trucks have in common. Both come with excellent engines like the 5.3L V8, which gives the Silverado 355 horsepower while maintaining excellent efficiency and smooth over-the-road travel. Also found in both vehicles is the innovative truck bed that comes with a step-in bumper and easy-to-use tie downs.

Now on to the differences. The biggest difference between the models is the 2LZ’s off-road features like all-terrain tires, and underbody transfer case shield. Front fog lamps and a trailer hitch are standard on the 2LZ, while both of these features are optional on the 1LZ. Also, for excellent control and stability, a limited slip differential comes standard on the 2LZ. This is another optional feature on the 1LZ.

Essentially, the Silverado 1500 2LZ is an LTZ with the Z71 package.

The 1LZ does come with features that are not standard on the 2LZ. For example, the turn signal indicator and auto dimming mirrors are available features on the 1LZ, but these items are not available on the 2LZ*.

Cedar Rapids’ Source for Silverado 1500 1LZ and 2LZ

Call Pat McGrath Chevyland today to learn more about the features and specs about of the 1LZ and 2LZ models.

Fill out a Contact Form and we’ll reach out to you with more information.

*Information from

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SUV Comparison: 2015 Ford Expedition vs 2015 Chevy Suburban

Large SUVs are an American staple. With power, space, and comfort, these vehicles have the versatility to meet  the many needs of drivers in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

For years, Ford and Chevy have been battling to create the best large SUV on the road. While the competition has benefited both automakers, it has mostly benefited the driver, who gets the results of a never-ending competition for SUV superiority.

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Truck Comparison: 2014 Silverado 1500 LT vs. 2014 Silverado 1500 LTZ

The 2014 Chevy Silverado is one of the most innovative trucks ever. It has all the power and performance you expect from a full-size truck, along with the comfort and convenience found in most luxury sedans.

But with so many options and features, finding the right 2014 Silverado to fit your needs can be difficult.

Two of the most popular trim packages for the 2014 Silverado are the LT and LTZ. Both offer a unique combination of features, but which one is right for you?

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Car Comparison: 2014 Toyota Corolla vs 2014 Chevy Cruze

The 2014 Toyota Corolla is redesigned and ready to challenge the 2014 Chevy Cruze for the best affordable sedan.

Both cars have great gas mileage and an affordable price, but which vehicle is the best for Iowa City and Cedar Rapids drivers?

Find out which car has the best features and the most entertaining drive:

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Car Comparison: 2014 Toyota Camry vs. 2014 Chevy Impala

People need hardworking, reliable, and affordable vehicles, but making the right decision can be overwhelming.

Two of the most popular cars in America are the Toyota Camry and the Chevy Impala.

Both offer smooth driving and a comfortable cabin, but for 2014, which vehicle is superior?

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Car Comparison: 2014 Ford Taurus vs Chevy Impala

Americans deserve great cars that will provide fuel-efficiency, power, comfort, and convenience.

Two of the most popular vehicles are the Ford Taurus and the Chevy Impala, one of the most successful cars in automotive history.

For 2014 editions, both cars have a starting MSRP within $160 of each other*, so a head-on comparison makes perfect sense.

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2014 Impala is First Detroit 3 Car to Top Consumer Reports Sedan Ranking

The 2014 Chevrolet Impala has received a milestone score from Consumer Reports.

With a Road Test Score of 95 out of 100, the 2014 Impala became the first car from the Detroit 3 (Ford Motors, Chrysler Group, General Motors) to lead the sedan segment.

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Chevy Spark EV Will Be Among Lowest Priced Electric Vehicles

The Chevy Spark EV is going to be one of the best priced electric vehicles on the market.

General Motors has announced that the Spark EV will roll in at a starting price of $27,995.

Take into account the $7,500 federal tax credit, and the Chevy Spark EV is available for less than $20,000!

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Video: Chevy Camaro vs. Ford Mustang…Again!

The Camaro vs. Mustang debate goes on and on, and this video from Motor Trend takes another look at the classic American rivalry: The Ford Mustang GT Track Pack goes head-to-head against the Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE.

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