The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro made its big debut at the recent New York International Auto Show to show off its new design and look for the world to see. Though there are still some additional design secrets to be unveiled, especially with the V6 and V8 models, we’re loving what we see so far!

The biggest stand out additions to the vehicle include the new grille on the Camaro SS and the functional hood extractor. The hood extractor will help keep the engine cool and provide optimum performance power. Additional features John Fitzpatrick, Camaro Marketing Manager, says we can expect will be the new tail lamps with LED lighting.

The updates aren’t all external either! The Camaro V-6 produces 323 horsepower, the Camaro SS puts out 426 horsepower and the new Z/8 is said to get 500 horsepower!

To get a walk-through and preview of the 2014 Camaro SS, click here to see the YouTube video. Stay tuned to the Pat McGrath Chevyland blog for more details as they emerge and details for when these beautiful vehicles will be available for sale!