GM announced that by the 2015 model year, most of its cars will be fully functional internet hotspots, capable of hosting mobile devices and untethering the cars from a required smartphone connection.

While GM has not announced which specific Chevrolet vehicles will be made into driving internet cafes, it has said that it plans to give most of the 2015 models  4G LTE broadband technology, which is the fastest internet stream currently available.

The new technology will give these vehicles smoother access to online services such as weather, and traffic reports, and news.
Chevy Wifi
Vehicles with GM’c current infotainment technologies will still be available, but the new 4G LTE connection will allow for further services like backseat streaming video.

One of the most important aspects of the vehicles will be the ability to upgrade software in order to stay up-to-date with current technologies and apps. This will give drives a fully customizable driving experience.

Not only will the car be internet connected, but it will also serve as mobile hotspots for devices such as iPads and laptops.

In the US, the internet-powered cars will be backed by AT&T, but GM plans to shop globally for internet carriers in global markets such as Europe and Asia.

In the near future, Chevy cars will feature advanced 4G LTE directly embedded in their equipment, making for an even better driving experience.

Freeing the car from a required smartphone connection in order to connect to the internet should make for a friendlier driving experience with easier access and transition between internet services.

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