Chevy announced it will open its infotainment system to flexible app development, allowing the system to improve overtime. This will enable developers to create custom-made apps that will make for a completely upgradeable driving experience.

Chevrolet Interior Chevy Apps coming soon

How will it work?

GM has created a flexible app framework to help developers create their new applications.

Developers will be able to build upon the existing programs in your Chevy and improve driving, convenience, searching, and more.

GM has created a software development kit that will allow users to create systems in a secure and controlled setting. The apps will also be submitted to GM before becoming available for public download.

What does it mean?

Basically, you’re no longer limited to the infotainment software that comes with your car, truck, or SUV. Similar to a smart phone or computer, your Chevy will be able to download applications that you choose.  The real significance is that the apps are completely open; if you have an idea, you can get online, build an app, and submit it to GM.

GM and Chevrolet expect significant contributions from developers such as The Weather Channel, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. The list of contributors is expected to grow as the system becomes more and more available.

Chevy continues to be at the forefront in infotainment and in-car software. As more and more cars become technological hubs, you can expect great think from Chevrolet and GM.

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