Many women have legitimate concerns about driving alone. The rise in crimes such as carjacking and the threats posed by sexual predators, muggers, and police impersonators, make this a very real problem. At Pat McGrath Chevyland in Cedar Rapids IA, we would like to address some of these concerns, and offer some important safety tips for women.

Be Aware and Be Prepared

Police consistently report that many of the crimes involving women drivers happen in parking lots, as you’re an easier target when you are walking to or away from your car. One should not become overly paranoid, but it’s good to be aware and prepared for any potential confrontation.
Driver Safety for Women

Defensive Parking

Picking a well-lit area to park your car is very important. Try to park near other vehicles, however avoid large vans, as often these provide hiding places for people up to no good. Pay attention to your surroundings; if you see someone just sitting in their car, or loitering nearby, avoid them.

Keep your keys handy, since searching for them in your purse may distract you. If your vehicle has a remote entry feature, program it to unlock only the driver’s door. Having a small container of pepper spray attached to your key chain is also a good idea.

Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Know all of your vehicle’s safety and security features. Many new Chevrolet models come with features such as OnStar or a panic alarm that can be invaluable in an emergency. It’s also important that you keep your vehicle up to date on all scheduled maintenance and service, as breaking down in the wrong spot at the wrong time is a recipe for disaster.

Plan Ahead

Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return, and have a plan in case trouble arises. If you need to, take control of the situation. Many security experts advise making a lot of noise by yelling or setting off a panic alarm — that will often be enough to scare off most attackers.

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