Driving with a dog is enjoyable for everyone. Having a happy-go-lucky companion along on a road puts everyone in a better mood, and most dogs simply love to go somewhere and be included. Here at Pat McGrath Chevyland, one of the most trusted Chevy dealerships near Iowa City, we’re proud to sell some of America’s safest vehicles, such as the Chevy Traverse and the Equinox, chosen as Top Safety Picks for 2012 by the IIHS — but unfortunately, there aren’t any safety systems in a vehicle that are designed for a dogs, making a loose dog in danger of hurting themselves as well as other occupants. There are a several things, however, you can do to increase the safety of your dog while driving.

Know What to Do With Your Dog Before You Go

First off, the last place a dog should be is your lap when driving. This is not only dangerous for the dog, but for you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road. A dog could move suddenly, causing you to lose control of the vehicle; this kind of behavior has caused accidents, usually resulting in the dog being killed by the deployment of the steering wheel air bag.Chevyland Award

Though the dog enjoys it, they shouldn’t be allowed to stick their heads out the window. They can be hit in the face and eyes with debris and are more likely to be seriously injured in a crash rather than if they were fully inside the vehicle. Dogs riding in the back of pick-ups are also open to many of the same dangers; many states actually ban this open air carrying.

So what are the right things to do? If your dog is calm enough to handle it, there are special harnesses for dogs to wear that attach to seat belts. Crates are another option, though the force of a crash can send a dog flying against the edge of the cage causing an injury. Better this though than hitting one of the many protrusions on the inside of a vehicle, or the driver.

Learn More about What Chevy Offers For Safety

Customers interested in learning more about what Chevy does to keep all of its passengers safe should speak with a member of our sales team. Pat McGrath Chevyland is located in Cedar Rapids, just a 40-minute drive north on I-380 from Iowa City.