The dilemma for Diesel vs Gas cars has been going on for quite some time. We will use this blog post to go over some of the advantages of one and the other. Also, we will see how technology has advanced and the effect it has on fuel efficiency.


During long drives, Diesel engines are hard to beat, the fuel efficiency is at its best at highway speeds, especially for a diesel motor. The only way to get anything close to that would be with a hybrid gas car.


The good news for gas engines is that the lead is shrinking, gas technology is advancing rapidly and is slowly catching up to the efficiency you can get out of a diesel engine, without spending the extra dollars on the engine. That’s right, diesel cars are always more expensive than regular engines, along with the fuel itself. Engineers say that Diesel will most likely always be ahead in fuel economy but the gap will increasingly close within the next ten years.


Engineers will continue to work on Diesel engines as well, but it is believed that the evolution process has started to reach its peak, but realistically there are still slight improvements to be made on the diesel technologies.