Mike Siegrist, Assistant Chief Engineer for the Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel, sat talked with Automotive News about the upcoming model.

The discussion included fuel-efficiency of Chevy’s diesel engine, attracting American consumers to an unfamiliar technology, and challenging Volkswagen’s status as the champion of diesel cars in America.

Cruze Diesel: Chevy’s American Experiment

Gray Cruze Diesel

The Chevy Cruze Turbo Clean Diesel in Tungsten Metallic

GM hasn’t run from the facts: the diesel cars that they offered to American drivers in the 1980s were a failure.

Smelly, smoky, and noisy, the ’80s cars gave American diesels a bad name, allowing Volkswagen to dominate the segment ever since.

Siegrist owns up to the failures, (he was part of the team that developed Oldsmobile diesels in the 1980s) saying they have learned from past mistakes and are now ready to offer a much cleaner and more refined diesel car.

He commented on the diesel engine’s filter that regenerates itself when it’s ready and also says there won’t be any smoke or smell from the new engine. The exhaust emissions will meet the most stringent environmental standards.

Chevy has injected a heavy dose of modern technology and hopes that American consumers are willing to try the state-of-the-art Chevy Cruze Diesel.

“I’m hoping that people are willing to take a chance and take a look at the diesel, because that will be something that will really surprise them and be beyond their expectations” said Siegrist.

Driving on Numbers

Fuel economy is one of the most important selling-point of the Cruze Diesel, and Chevy expects the car to achieve 46 mpg and 700 miles on a single tank. Chevy says this equates to 10 hours of highway driving.

Siegrist says that while driving his test model, he regularly achieves the 700 mile range and never fills up more than once a week.

Calling All Jetta Drivers!

Siegrist reaffirmed that the clear target for the Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel is the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, which has been one of the most successful diesel cars in America.

He said the Cruze Diesel is better in horsepower, better in torque, and better in highway fuel economy.

He also challenged consumers to test drive “both vehicles, …and I think we’ll come out better in the end.”

Chevy Cruze Diesel: A New Way to Drive in Cedar Rapids

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