What a Check Engine Light Could Mean

Drivers who get GMC Certified Service near Cedar Rapids know that when they see that “Check Engine” light blink on, they’re in trouble. But there’s a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety to this experience because you’re never completely sure what’s really going on with the engine. It’s a very vague, open-ended message to the driver that some unspecified problem is occurring with your engine, so what exactly is the problem? Thankfully, Pat McGrath Chevyland is here to help.

A Whole Range of Problems and Solutions Covered by One Warning Light

The “Check Engine” light is a very general, umbrella diagnosis for a very wide domain of problems. It could be something very minor like a loose gas cap, or even something that requires an entire engine overhaul like a complex fuel injection system malfunction. Typically, the “Check Engine” light means you have one of the following problems:

  • Malfunctioning catalytic converter
  • Fire hazard threat caused by a faulty catalytic converter
  • Gas leak detection by the vapor recovery function
  • Problem with the vehicle’s emission control system
  • Cam Angle Sensor problem
  • Fuel injection system problem
  • Poor wiring leading to spark plugs

Check for the basic, easily fixed issues before relying on Certified Service technicians, as you could save yourself time and money spent at the body shop on problems you can fix independently.

False Alarms

Believe it or not, the computers in your car do make mistakes sometimes. In such cases, you’re in luck — because sometimes the “Check Engine” light misfires due to changes in the weather or increased / decreased moisture in the air, misreading the dampness or behavior of your engine. Be on the lookout for occasional “Check Engine” light that pops up and then quickly disappears during seasonal changes or transitions.check engine light

Protect Yourself with Certified Service

Check out Pat McGrath’s Chevyland Service Center for more details on certified service for Iowa City residents. We’ll be happy to give you helpful tips on how to tell what to do about a “Check Engine” light, or any other service problems. So if you think you might need to have your vehicle looked at by a professional, contact us at Pat McGrath Chevyland, today!