Rainproof your windshield
We often hear that one should replace their windshield wipers every 3 months but the reality is that if you treat your windshield, your wipers won’t have much work to do. Try and you will be surprised! Feel free to use Clay bars or spray-on treatments.

Skip the DIY car-wash

You’re probably better off using the local car wash for a few reasons. The first reason is that you’ll be using 3x more water, and you’re most likely scratching up your paint a lot more than the good local car-wash next to your house.

Eliminate distractions
Some scary stats will show you why you should stop whatever you’re doing and just drive. Dialing a phone triples your chances of a crash. Texting? That makes you 23 times more likely to crash. Don’t multitask with your life, it’s not worth it!

Lower your seat!
As crazy as that sounds, people that drive high feel like they’re going slowly so they tend to speed up and take turns faster. All this is a great recipe to increase your chances of a crash.

Don’t floor it!
If there’s a meter at the entrance of your freeway, there’s a good reason! Being careful of these and taking your time to get on the ramp actually saves you time, it allows for a smooth flow of traffic, which minimizes heavy braking!