Summer is around the corner, finally! I think we’ve all been waiting for the season to come through as it’s been a rather rough winter for most of us. We have a few tips to make sure your car is being well taken care of and ready for the sunny days.

1. Remove your winter tires

Winter tires are heavier than summer tires and will probably hurt your MPG’s. Also, since they are a bit softer than Summer tires, they will be melting away faster, as the road surface warms up. Of course, while you’re at it, you might want to check the tire pressure.

2. Check oil and filters

The winter can be tough on the car so make sure it’s in good health. Make sure you don’t need an oil change and that all of your filters are in good shape. If you’re not sure on how to do that, feel free to come by and see us, we’ll be glad to check on these for you.

3. Clean the undercarriage

Take this opportunity to clean the undercarriage of your cat. If you’ve been driving in snow and salt, you will most likely need one of those. If you can’t do it yourself, feel free to stop by your dealership or carwash, they’ll be able to powerspray it down.

4. Check your hoses, belts, battery

The changes in temperature can cause the rubber pieces to crack and eventually fail. If your belts don’t work properly, you might overheating your engine during the summer months, so be on the safe side. The battery also takes quite a beating during winter, make sure the connectors are cleaned to ensure a clean connection.

 5. Change your windshield wipers

Just like your engine belts, your windshield wipers might be getting  cracked over time, check them and if they don’t work properly, there’s only one remedy: replacement!