No matter what your automotive needs might be, here at Pat McGrath Chevyland we’ve got you covered. Visit our superior Chevrolet dealership in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and we’ll make sure to give you the first-class customer service you deserve. We’re confident that you’ll find the right vehicle for you in our vast new and used car inventory — especially if you’re a young driver looking for your first car.

It’s an exciting time when you get your driver’s license for the first time, but here at Pat McGrath we care about our customers. That’s why we want to give some young drivers a few tips on how to steer away from distractions. Accidents happen when you lose focus on the road; in fact, distractions are the leading cause of death for teen drivers stated by the IIHS. The freedom of being on the road can be exhilarating, but with freedom comes great responsibility. Below are tips to stay safe:
Fender Bender

  • Cool down the conversation with friends to better maintain your focus on the road. When your friends are in the car, you’re responsible for their safety as well as your own, so wait until you’re parked to try and crack a joke. Remember: more auto accidents happen while young passengers are in the car, not when the driver is alone.
  • Stay off your cell phone while you’re driving. Using your phone to call someone causes you to split your focus while on the road, and continues to be a huge factor in accidents for both kids and parents alike. Hands are meant to be on the steering wheel, not your phone keys; wait for a safe moment to text.
  • Enjoy music the safe way by turning down the music a bit so you can pay attention to any car horns you might unexpectedly hear or car sirens. Also, those seconds leaning over to change the song or looking down at your iPod could be the cause of a fender bender or collision. It’s better to just create a playlist before you leave.

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