As your Marion-area used Chevy dealership, here at Pat McGrath Chevyland we’re proud to deliver spectacular selection and stellar customer service to Cedar Rapids and the surrounding community. As part of our commitment to serving you, we do everything we can to educate drivers on car care, including preparing your vehicle for the winter months. While the process isn’t as intensive as it used to be, there are some precautions you should take before the snow starts to fall.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Much like you change out your wardrobe when the temperature starts to dip, there are things you should be doing to prepare your vehicle for winter. The first thing you should do is bring your vehicle to a professional so that you can have your brakes, heater, battery, and more checked out for maximum winter readiness.
Winterize Your Car

While you’re there you should have them check your tires, too, but this is one procedure you can do on your own. Make sure that you’ve got a reasonable amount of tread depth, or better yet, get a set of winter tires, like Bridgestone Blizzaks, that are designed to for winter conditions.

Inspect your lights; you’ll want maximum visibility during winter blizzards, which includes bright, easily seen lights. You can also switch your windshield wiper fluid for some winter-friendly ones that won’t freeze. That’s also why you should regularly check your spray nozzles, especially before winter. The last thing you want is frozen wiper fluid when you need to see!

It’s also important to get a good wash and coat of wax before the winter to prevent corrosion from all the salt that will be on the winter roads. It won’t hurt to give your car a good rinse every once in a while during the winter; though you might get a frozen door handle or two from it, it will keep the salt at bay.

There’s more to be done to get ready for winter, so come on down and chat with our service team to see what they can do for you!

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From our wide selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, to our helpful financing department, to our service center, we’ve got everything that Marion drivers need in a Chevy dealership. If you’ve got any questions about prepping your vehicle for winter, don’t hesitate to contact us; remember, we’re here to help!