GM’s OnStar system helps stop car thieves 5-7 times a month

It’s been five years since GM launched OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Slowdown (SVS) tool, but it still remains one of the most effective systems for stopping thieves, literally and figuratively.

According to a press release from GM, the tool has stopped a car thief almost 250 times since being launched, using the system’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance tools.

The tool is implemented when law enforcement uses GPS to locate the vehicle and tells an OnStar operator to initial the slowdown. The car then slowly comes to a stop and shuts off, leaving the car thief sitting in a non-functioning vehicle.

GM’s OnStar: Helping Catch Bad Guys for 5 Years

OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance tool uses three specific tools:

  1. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown: Gradually slows down the vehicle to avoid a high-speed chase
  2. Remote Ignition Block: Makes it impossible to start a stolen vehicle once it is turned off
  3. GPS Location: Helps authorities locate a vehicle once it is confirmed stolen

These tools help OnStar work closely with law enforcement in the U.S. and Canada to catch bad guys quickly and safely.

According to the press release, OnStar executes the SVS system five to seven times a month. The number is also rising, as more law enforcement agencies become familiar with the system.

“We have a strong relationship with law enforcement that has allowed us to refine our processes, promote teamwork and more quickly recover stolen vehicles for our subscribers.”

– George Baker, OnStar Outreach Manager

The article discussed a few high-profile cases that used the system, including the first arrest made with SVS.

OnStar has been a part of GM’s vehicles since 1996. The Stolen Vehicle System is available in most Chevrolet vehicles from 2009 and newer.

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