Do you have any idea how often I’ve wished I could just putĀ something else into my gas tank every time I saw gas prices creep up over $4/gal? Actually, you probably do. In fact, Chevrolet thinks that lots of drivers have had that thought.

General Motors announced some time ago that they were looking into offering bi-fuel trucks to their customers, and it seems that they have finally gone into production. If you’re getting a pickup, you will soon be able to add on the option to fill it up with natural gas.

Natural gas is a cleaner burning, less expensive alternative fuel that, until recently, was mostly pioneered by Honda in their aptly named Civic Natural Gas, but GM has said “no more,” offering the option on both the Silverado 2500 HD and the GMC Sierra 2500 HD pickups.

With the included 6.0L V8, each truck has a range of about 650 miles on a full tank, and GM has predicted that while the cost of the upgrade is a bit steep ($11,000 to go from gasoline-driven to the gasoline/natural gas engine), most drivers will make that back within the first two years of driving.

One of the worries many drivers have over alternative fuel sources is just how difficult it might be to fill up you tank. After all, how many gas stations do you have within a five minute drive from home or work?
The Chevy Silverado 2500

As of now, that concern still has some weight, considering that there are only just over 500 public natural gas fueling stations in the US. Despite the rarity of electric vehicles, there are still nearly ten times as many charging stations as there are natural gas stations.

It’s an uphill battle, but that’s why these pickups can also run on gasoline, giving you a hybrid-esque level of versatility.

And if you’re worried about this new technology having issues, our warranties will put you at ease. Both of these trucks are covered by GM’s 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty as well was their 5-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

So ask around and see if you have a natural gas station nearby and then make the move to the cleaner pickup that still gives you the power you need.