Safety on the roads is the responsibility of all drivers. The fact is that the vast majority of accidents can be avoided if drivers would follow a few basic safety rules. At Pat McGrath Chevyland in Cedar Rapids IA, we are always concerned with the safety of our customers. While all the new Chevrolet vehicles we offer come with a host of innovative and advanced safety features, there is still no substitute for the safe driving practices of the person behind the wheel. What follows are a few important rules that will keep you and others safe on the road.

A Little Common Sense Goes a Long Way

While there are many laws designed to enforce safe driving, it is really a matter of using common sense. For example, we all know — or should know by now — that drinking and driving don’t mix. If you are under the influence of anything that impairs your judgment while you are driving, you are a hazard to yourself and to others.
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The same can be said of driving when you are overly tired or drowsy. You need to be alert at all times when you drive. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions such as cell phones, other electronic devices, eating, etc. You should also be aware of other drivers at all times. Driving defensively is more than just a public service announcement.

Make sure that you are up to date on your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. Routine inspections and service ensure that your vehicle is running in top condition, and that you can rely upon it to perform as needed in an emergency. The highly trained auto care technicians in the Service Center here at Pat McGrath Chevyland are happy to help you keep your car, truck, or SUV performing at its best.

Always remember to drive at the speed limit. You only save a few minutes by speeding, and you increase the chances of an accident by 50 percent (it’s also worse for your fuel efficiency). Don’t tailgate. Exercise caution in hazardous weather conditions. Wet, icy roads, heavy rain, snow, or fog, all require that you slow down and drive very carefully.

Last, but not least, always use your seat belt.

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