Yes, wearing your seat belt can be restrictive and annoying. Sure, it requires work to put it on and make people in your car wear it. It is very important for your safety that you understand the benefits of wearing a seat belt. We just want to makes sure you’re keeping yourself, your friends and your family safe during your travels. 

Number 1: Simple and important one. It is the LAW (except in New Hampshire), you have to wear your seat belt.

Number 2: As intense as that sounds, it will prevent your face from hitting the windshield in a potential crash at approximately 60 mph. The seat belt will stop your inertia and will keep you safe.

Number 3: Your seat belt also keeps you in your vehicle, in some high-speed crashed, people have been seen thrown out of their cars. The seat belt will keep you in the seat which is the safest place during an accident.

Number 4: Similar to reason number 2 and 3, it will prevent you from banging against car parts like pillars, steering wheel and more.

Number 5: It also keeps you from bouncing against other passengers of the car. Head to head clashes can be quite painful in a car accident.

Number 6: Seat belts remain the safest technology to prevent injuries and/or death in a car accident.