The last car that Steve McQueen drove in a movie, a 1951 Chevrolet Styline DeLuxe Convertible, is officially up for auction by the people of the popular television show Pawn Stars.

The car is currently owned by Rick Harrison, a member of the show.

Steve McQueen drove the car in the 1980 film The Hunter, which was less than a smash-hit. McQueen bought the car after filming wrapped up and sold it four years later through an estate auction at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas.

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen’s restored Chevy Styline DeLuxe Convertible

The car has been fully restored and is estimated to have a base price of about $45,000. The estimated price, however, does not factor in the McQueen connection. With an iconic Hollywood history, the Chevy could fetch 10 times the estimated price.

The car will be auctioned in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on March 22nd.

Steve McQueen was not just a great American film actor, he was also known for his enthusiasm for racing and car culture. He owned many exotic sports cars and was known as a highly skilled motorcycle racer.

McQueen was such a good racer that he often drove his own cars and bikes during chase-scenes (which were prominent in McQueen films). In one film he not only drove his own bike, but because the studio couldn’t find anyone to match his skills, he drove the bikes of other characters.

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